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5 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Hi Leah! Remember me? We had a short chat before during W@Wie days kasi I think we both have Mimi & Karl as photographers. Anyway, I’m Autumn’s cousin in law & neighbor now. I married her first cousin (john joseph (din) aris). She mentioned to me a few months back nga na you gave birth na. I just started reading your birth experience here sa blog mo. You were very brave for not having any anaesthesia or episiotomy. I’m 37 weeks pregnant with our first baby boy. I’m giving birth sa Hornsby Hospital and planning to have an assisted normal delivery (with epidural siguro). I just can’t imagine paano lalabas si baby sakin because from the last ultrasound a week ago he’s about 3.1kgs na. Anyway, I’ll keep on reading your blog. All the best to you, Joseph and Erin! Take care!

  2. Hi Jen. Thanks for visiting our blog. Andito ka na pala sa Oz. πŸ™‚ Good luck in your delivery. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Don’t forget to share your birthing experience on your blog. Naku, don’t worry about labor and delivery. Mas madugo ang aftermath when you have to take care of your bub by yourselves. πŸ˜› Take care din. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Leah, blogger has blocked my blog … while waiting for them to fixed their error I created a temporary home … baka maging permanent home na din … … cute ni Erin. Wish ko lang meron na din kami 😦

  4. Hi Leah! I chanced upon your blog through Via’s blog. Maybe you still remember me, though probably as *Joy Guarin*, from Montessori Pasay. Anyway, nice to see you again. Ingat!

  5. Hi Chris! Of course I remember you. I’ll link you up ha? πŸ™‚

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