The Tide Is In

My happy and carefree days are now over. Aunt Flo is back! And just when I was having the time of my life, not having to care about leaks or pads or whatever. But more than anything else, it is my endometriosis that I am more concerned about, having been able to keep it at bay with pregnancy and breastfeeding for fifteen long months.

I honestly thought it will not come back until I have totally stopped breastfeeding Erin. I stand corrected then. Now I am worried as well if this is a sign that my milk supply will soon be depleted. *sigh* I guess only one thing is for sure. It’s time to go back to my doctor and maybe see a specialist here as well to ask about how we can manage my endometriosis until the time I am ready to fall pregnant again. I just hope it’s not as drastic as surgery.


3 Responses to “The Tide Is In”

  1. Hi Leah don’t worry your milk supply won’t be affected by “Aunt Flo” because my returned when Iyah was just three months old. Now Iyah’s gonna be 1 in a few weeks and she’s still taking BM exclusively 🙂

  2. too soon, leah? i thought it would be delayed when you’re breastfeeding? 😦

  3. Thanks Jacq. That’s reassuring! Now, all i have to worry about is me endo. 😦

    era, i was hoping so too. pero, we can’t fight the forces of nature eh. at least, i still have my milk. 🙂

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