Getting Back Into the Groove

Things are starting to look up at home now. I think Erin is starting to sleep well once again at night time. I suppose it helped that we brought her to the mall twice this weekend. But I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. 😛

I also think things are more manageable of late because I was able to pick up David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Curdoroy and Denim yesterday after six long months. Can you imagine six months?! Anyway, good thing it was the anecdotal type so I did not have to read from the start.

This has somehow sparked my former obsession once again of hoarding books! These past two weekends, I’ve already bought two books from Beakys. Currently, I am watching a few more on eBay. Oh dear, I think I know now where all those paid-post earnings will go to. Haha! 😛


One Response to “Getting Back Into the Groove”

  1. am so happy you’re getting more sleep now 🙂 and i don’t doubt that’s a big contributor to you getting your groove back 🙂

    have a great week ahead sis!

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