Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I’ve Been Putting Off

It’s time for .

  1. Organising Erin’s stuff – The little girl has accumulated loads of stuff over the months and I have yet to sort them all out into these categories: to put away in boxes (for future use [?]), to give away, and to use ASAP.
  2. Read my books – I still have tons of books to read. I just can’t seem to find the time to read these days. 😦
  3. Clean! – I’m such a neat freak so it bothers me a lot when things are a mess. As much as I would want to partake in the cleaning duties in our home, sadly these days, most of them are delegated to J.
  4. Do some gardening – Before Erin was born, J and I regularly did some gardening on weekends. He was (still is) in charge of weeding while I trimmed the bushes and trees. We find the activity therapeutic.
  5. Going home to Manila – Understandably, with Erin being so young, we won’t be able to come home to Manila for the holidays. We’re postponing our trip to next year, after she turns a year older.
  6. Pamper myself at a salon or spa – I’m doing this when we get to Manila. I think I just sooooo deserve it. I’m getting the works! 😛
  7. Go shopping alone – I’m saving up for this one. I can’t wait to shop with my lone self. It’s been awhile. I think I can maximize this one when we’re in Manila.
  8. Sleep at least 8 hours – This, of course, is unintentional and is totally dependent on Erin.
  9. Taking my driver’s examination – I still don’t have my learner’s license. I actually flunked the exam when I took it last year and was so traumatized (it ain’t easy, plus it’s so expensive!) by it that I have not tried to take it again. I know I need to seriously put in more effort when I review for the test so that I can drive our car if the need arises.
  10. Get fully accredited in my profession – I still need to complete the second part of the board’s assessment which requires me to go on supervised work. It’ll take me six months to complete it if I work fulltime. It’s a no-can-do situation right now because I have to take care Erin first.

Wow, I didn’t realise there’s so much that I’ve been putting off. Until Erin’s grown up a bit, I think I won’t be crossing out much from this list any time soon.

How about you? What is on your list?


5 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I’ve Been Putting Off”

  1. I’ve had my L’s three times now. The last one expired because I didn’t want to take my P exams when I was 30+ week pregnant! *lol*

    And oh, god, spring cleaning!!!

  2. hi leah! i should do this list, God knows I have a long list of things to do myself! Check out my blog, tagged you :).

  3. leah, ako din ive been putting off studying and taking the driver’s exam! i really really should. but for some reason natatakot ako. in manila, kaskasero ako mag drive so now natatakot ako bec im not used to following rules!!
    other thing’s ive been putting off:

  4. Ladies, looks like common denominator natin ang cleaning. Haha! 😛

    Kat: At least you got your L’s already. That’s a start! hehe…

    Jean: Medyo mahirap talaga exam nila because there are questions na hinde ka pwedeng magkamali. In my case, laging wrong answer ako in those types of Q’s! 😦 Sabi ng administrator dun, I should concentrate more on intersections and ‘right’ of way…. Magreresign ka na?! When?

    Jen: thanks for the tag. Will answer it soon. 🙂 Do the list ha! 😀

  5. leah, thanks for the insight 🙂 i have that road ready book lying around somewhere di ko na mahanap sa kaka procrastinate. im confused with the roundabouts and right of way also.
    resigning..sigh. well everyday i tell myself im resigning ‘next week/month’ well 6 months later im still telling myself that. i dont know what to do though. i mean, if i resign. i just feel sooo bored.

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