My Poor Thumb

Lately, I have been complaining to J about my sore thumb. It started around three weeks ago, a day after one of our trips to the mall when I had to carry Erin around because she did not want to be seated in her stroller. I’ve tried not putting too much strain on it but this seems to be an impossible task to follow with all the chores to be done. The fact that Erin is growing heavier each day is not helping either because I really do need to carry her once in a while.

My impression is that I may have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. When I was still working in the clinic back home, I used to get a lot of patients with this condition, often referred for splinting. I noticed that most of these patients were housewives and I suppose that constant trauma to the tendon due to everyday chores is really the culprit. And being a homemaker myself, it is not entirely impossible that I also develop it too. *sigh*

Medications are definitely out of the question at the moment as I am still breastfeeding Erin. So is rest. 😦 If the pain does not stop, I may have to get myself a splint or see a specialist about it.


One Response to “My Poor Thumb”

  1. oh gosh, i feel for you. doesn’t sound nice at all :(. hope you feel better soon.

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