When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

Mister Copycat (MC) is still at it again and he continues to copy and paste our posts to the e-groups without duly acknowledging our site. He has managed to still send out these emails using the “forwarded by a friend” phrase even if we have disabled the right-click function on our site. It seems nothing fazes this fellow!

J and I have been brainstorming of ways to put a stop to this plagiarist. I’vecome up with things like making an appeal to the egroup about this matter and somehow, put MC to shame. J didn’t like the idea because it would be like giving too much attention to MC and he’d probably like the spotlight. So today, with J’s help, I installed a code into the site’s template to disable highlighting of any text found on the site. Take that, MC! :p I’m pretty curious to find out what he’ll do next.


3 Responses to “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”

  1. hi leah,

    sakit sa ulo ang mga copycats 😛 meron ka namang “share this” sa site, bakit ayaw nya gamitin 😛

    anyway fyi po, although the selection of the text using the mouse has been disabled, if you press ctrl+a, naseselect pa rin yung text.

  2. Mimi’s right.. makes you wonder why he won’t use “Share this”

    And I guess by now you know what he did next… He’s pathetic.

  3. mimi: shhh… wag kang maingay about ctrl+a. baka marinig ni MC! hehe… 😀 thanks for the info.

    ging: hay naku, talagang nagmamatigas ano? talagang he will go through any lengths just to post in the egroup. papansin talaga! 😦

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