Erin’s First Meal

We were supposed to give Erin her first meal this coming weekend. J wants to witness it since it is, in a way, Erin’s rite of passage, as she will be no longer an infant solely dependent on milk. Unfortunately, I developed a cold last night and Erin had trouble sleeping as well so J took the day off to help me here in the house (sweet!).

I saw it as an opportunity to finally take that step — to give Erin her first real meal. I just could not wait for the weekend anymore! 😛 J took care of documenting the entire event by taking pictures and a video clip of it.

erin happily eating her cereal

only 1/3 left!

munching on her teether after her meal

Notice how she’s smiling the whole time? She actually enjoyed eating! And she swallowed all her food without choking or spatting it out. I prepared three spoonfuls of rice cereal using her spoon and mixed it with approximately 70 mL of formula to make it really runny. But she only managed to finish two-thirds of the mixture. Still, not bad for a first-timer, eh? 🙂

We’ll be doing the cereal thing again tomorrow and for the next couple of days to see how her tummy reacts to it. If all goes well, we might add a few other things to the menu on the weekend. Yay, something new to look forward to! 😀


6 Responses to “Erin’s First Meal”

  1. sooo cute. happy eating!

  2. Your baby’s so adorable!=)

  3. It seems like Erin loves the food nga! Good for you and her! 😀 Enjoy this new milestone of Erin.

  4. ang cute! she looks just like you leah 🙂

  5. thanks everyone! 🙂

    so far, so good si Erin tuwing kakain sya. let’s hope magtuloy-tuloy ito. 😀

  6. such a big girl already!!!! wasn’t it like yesterday or the other day that you gave birth??!?! happy 6 months to Erin!

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