Little Big Girl

Erin officially turns six months today! And among the three of us, I am the most excited person with this milestone. Here’s why…

  • We can now introduce her to eating solid foods. I insisted on buying her own bowl and spoon weeks ago and her rice cereal is now available in our pantry, in case we decide to finally give her solids. I am also thinking of purchasing fruit juices for her this weekend.
  • She’s been very active these past few weeks, rolling around in bed all by herself. We can’t leave her alone anymore! She has fair trunk control now so we’re constantly practicing her sitting skills. She’ll need to be a fairly good sitter once we start feeding her solids. It’s also time now to consider buying a portable cot and a high chair for her. (Yay, shopping na naman! 😀 )

  • She’s due for another round of vaccinations this Friday. The next set will be given when she turns one next year in March. So, we’re saying goodbye for now to those painful injections. 🙂
  • I suppose there are still more new things happening with Erin but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. In the meantime, wish us luck with feeding. I hope she won’t give us a very difficult time. *fingers crossed*


    3 Responses to “Little Big Girl”

    1. She’s such a big girl now and od so cute! Kakatuwa naman. Can’t wait until our little girl becomes more interactive.

    2. I started mine off on “am”, which is what my Mum calls the starchy water that you get when the rice boils. Baby cereal is great. It doesn’t taste like anything but babies seem to love it. Looking forward to seeing pics of Erin trying out her food. The expression on my son’s face the first time he tasted solids was so cute!

    3. She looks like a big girl na!!! Inggit ako bakit siya may hair…wahahaha

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