Geez, don’t you just hate it when people copy your work without even acknowledging you as their source of information? Well, over at my other working blog, I have been ranting about this fellow egroup member who copies the articles word for word from that site and sends them as email without citing the reference for all those information. I am so irked by this person because even if I have stated in an article about my disgust over this situation, he still continues with his plagiarism by only stating the phrase “forwarded by a friend” in his emails. Argh!!!

Here is what I wrote in my other blog regarding this matter:

On a more serious note, somebody has called my attention to the posting of our articles in an egroup without (!) citing as their source. It irks me that somebody can just easily copy and paste these original articles without acknowledging the author. Friends, we don’t mind you disseminating information found on this site to your colleagues but please have the decency to name your source and not try to claim it as one of your own.

I have said the following in an earlier post but I will say it once again.

We don’t mind you sharing articles from this site. But please don’t forget to mention where you got the article from. All of the articles written here are original, except of course for seminar announcements. If you see something in quotes, those are the ones we got from other sources, which, as much as possible, we try to acknowledge as well.

And as to the ‘fair use’ of copyright, take note of the following guidelines:

(1) PERFORMANCE: the work must have been lawfully made accessible to the public and the use must only be made in private and free of charge
(2) QUOTATIONS: the work must have been lawfully made accessible to the public; the source and name of author must be named (Art. 10(1), Berne Convention)
(3) REPRODUCTION OF NEWS, etc.: if only for information purposes with source clearly indicated (Art. 10bis(1), Berne Convention)
(4) INCLUSION BY WAY OF ILLUSTRATION: for teaching purposes with source and name of author clearly indicated (Art. 10(2), Berne Convention)

Source: International Laws on Copyright (FAQs)

Alright, now my next dilemma is what to do with this kind of person. Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Copycat”

  1. It’s almost impossible to stop plagiarism if it’s being done deliberately. But if that person is just too lazy to link back, maybe you can make the “Share this” function more intuitive by separating out the “E-mail” component.

    Another thing you can do is add a line just below the title (or somewhere in the body of the article) which has some kind of reference or link back to the site. Don’t put it at the end because that’s too easy to remove when cutting and pasting. If the person still removes the link even though it’s in the middle of the article, they’re probably doing it deliberately and there isn’t much you can do about it, unfortunately.

  2. I have read his emails. Got irked as well. I hope he has read your reminder.

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