Fashion Show

I have been sifting through Erin’s cabinet lately and I was reminded of the pile of clothes that she has yet to wear. And since she is fast growing up to be a big girl, I might as well let her wear some of them even if we’re not going out. It would be a shame to put all these unworn but brand new clothes away. And to prove that these garments were really worn, I took photos of the little girl as evidence. Take a look-see! 🙂

erin in her winnie the pooh dress

blouse & skirt number

It is so difficult to take a picture of her these days because she’s constantly moving. In other words, super likot! I get to click around forty shots to get about five really good shots of her. Thank God for digital cameras! 😀

I reckon you’ll be seeing more of Erin’s fashion parade in the coming days. It’s just so fun dressing her up! 🙂


One Response to “Fashion Show”

  1. aaawww, love her dresses! naku, dapat pasuot mo na ung mga dress kse mabilis lang makalakihan. 😉

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