Help for Baby Hannah

Yesterday, I received this letter from a fellow egroup member. It was about her friends’ newborn baby who was diagnosed to have Ondine’s Curse (or in technical terms Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome). Anyway, read on.

I am writing in behalf of my friends Joan & Carlo. They are former w@wies.

Joan gave birth to a baby girl last August 14 at Asian Hospital via CS. Her name is Hannah Ysabelle. When she was born, her lungs were full of mucus and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her pneumonia was treated already, but she still had difficulty breathing, she has to use a ventilator so she can breathe.

After some more tests, the doctors eventually found out that she has Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome. It is also known as Ondine’s Curse. In simple terms, nalilimutan nya huminga (she forgets to breathe). When Hannah is awake she’s having a hard time breathing, and when she’s asleep she’s not breathing at all. This disease is a lifelong disease and has no cure. And Hannah might be the first case in the Philippines .

So that Hannah can breathe, she has an intubator (tube inserted through her mouth) till last week. She had an operation called tracheostomy wherein an incision was made on her neck so that the tube can pass through there instead of through the mouth. When she was in the intubator, another tube is inserted through her mouth for her milk. Now that there’s no more tube on her mouth, she can now drink using a bottle.

After Hannah’s operation has healed, Joan and Carlo will be transferring her to Las Pinas Doctors Hospital anytime this week. Because in Asian, their daily expenses is around 20k/day, in LPDH its aound 6k/day. She has to stay in the hospital because she has to use a ventilator. A home ventilator for newborns in the Philippines costs around P1.5M.

Now, their bill in Asian Hospital is more than half a million already. This still excludes the payment for the CS (which was paid already), and the doctors PF (Hannah has 8 doctors).

With all the bills they have to pay, and other expenses that will come in the future, Joan and Carlo are now asking for donations. They’ve wiped out all their savings. They’ve written letters to institutions asking for help/assistance. They also requested if they can put tin cans in stores wherein people can put donations. If ever you see those tin cans around, please give a little bit of help.

Please also include them in your prayers. They really need all the help they can get.

It is heartwrenching! I am a mom myself and for some reason, whenever I see or hear babies suffering like this, I feel like crying. Maybe it is because I always put myself in their parents’ shoes as we have a little girl of our own as well. In other words, it is so easy to relate!

Another e-group member suggested that the parents should put up a website or blog especially for this so that other people may know about it and that they can ask for more donations. I think that is an excellent idea. But at this point, I think a third party must organize that as the parents are so busy taking care of Hannah. J naman suggested approaching the TV stations and have their case featured on air. I know lots of similar cases have done this and have been successful at raising funds. Also, it is good way of checking if all is legal and true and is not just one of those scams.

Okay, if you want to help this couple out, just go to their friend’s blog for more information. You can also help spread the word about baby Hannah by posting her case in your blog.


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