What the… ?!?

I haven’t been a fan of beauty pageants of late but this one got my attention when they featured it on Rove last Sunday. You have got to watch this.

click to watch miss south carolina fumble

Ano daw? I couldn’t get her point. Can you? She was going around in circles the whole time.

Alright, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. I suppose she must have been terribly nervous at the time, hence, the fumble. I mean I, for one, personally hate speaking in front of a huge crowd. I know lots of people do. But candidates in this type of competition surely must have had enough practice to have that presence of mind. Then again, in Miss South Carolina’s case, maybe not. 😛

I guess the kicker here is that inspite of making that boo-boo on international TV, she still managed to bag third place in the pageant. Imagine that! Now I reckon it’s the judges who do not have the ‘presence of mind.’ Pun definitely intended. 😀


One Response to “What the… ?!?”

  1. she supposedly redeemed herself (Yahoo Article). grabe noh? naloka ako sa “such as”!

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