Happy 5 months!

The little girl turned five months last Saturday. Has it really been five months now since she was born into this world?

cutie Erin

She’s grown up a lot in that short span of time.

  • She can roll over on to her tummy very easily, with little or no help from us. Getting back to lie on her back is still a bit more difficult for her.
  • She is more vocal than ever. By this I mean, she  loves to shout and scream and make all kinds of noise. I suppose she is into exploring sounds these days.
  • Aside from sound, Erin is very much into exploring through touch. She will grab anything placed near her and bring them to her mouth. I think this is because she may also be teething.
  • Her hair is getting pretty long, and therefore, unruly. Those Goody barrettes are the greatest! 😀
  • Erin is more sociable as well.  By just throwing her a big smile, she will also do the same. Sometimes, we are rewarded with giggles.
  • She’s starting to sleep better too, especially at night. Thank God! No need to explain this one. 🙂
  • Erin’s more aware of her surroundings now. She knows when I’ve left the room. Sometimes I think she’s starting to develop separation anxiety. 😦

Babies grow up so fast! They are amazing, I tell you. They can surprise you every now and then. More often than not, these surprises are just a delight.


8 Responses to “Happy 5 months!”

  1. hi leah!

    oh wow, time goes by so quick. she’s so adorable. you’re so lucky to have her.


  2. She looks like she’s such a happy baby. Ang bilis nga ng panahon!

  3. awww what a cute photo! ang laki na! 🙂

  4. hi leah, chi here.. moved to a new blog. hope you could update your blogroll.

    anyway, your little girl looks so adorable. happy 5 months to her 🙂

  5. Hi ladies! Oo, big girl na talaga si Erin. Time flies! 😀

    Chi, thanks for the heads up on your new link. 🙂

  6. wow..she’s grown a lot since i last (and first) met her! Happy 5th month erin!! 😀

  7. has it been 5 months already?! happy 5th! 🙂

  8. thanks faye and jean. 🙂

    jean, 3 months na pala since we last saw each other. let’s meet up during the floriade! we’ll bring Erin with us. 😀

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