No Need for Jenny Craig

Want to lose weight fast? These are the things that I would suggest you to do:

  • Live overseas.
  • Get pregnant and have fussy baby.
  • Make sure to breastfeed, if possible 100% of the time.
  • By fussy baby I mean no decent sleep, continuous for at least six months.
  • Don’t forget to do all the household chores as well.
  • It worked for me! 😛 I am now down to 50 kilos which is even less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I was 54 Kilos when we found out we were expecting Erin.) so I can fit into my old jeans once again. By the way, 50 Kilos was my weight when I was a fresh college graduate. And no matter how much food I eat now, I can’t seem to put on any weight back on.

    The sad part about all this is that my wedding ring keeps falling off from my ring finger especially when my hands are wet. I have to wear it now on my middle finger to keep it from slipping off and eventually losing it. Sometimes, I just leave it to J when I’m about to take a shower for safe-keeping. Occasionally I forget to get the ring back from him and he has two wedding rings on his hand! 🙂

    Alright, wanna try out my weight loss program? Let me know if it works out the same way for you as it did for me. Good luck! 😉


    4 Responses to “No Need for Jenny Craig”

    1. Well, I’ve been doing your first and last suggestions. The other suggestions, I/we’ve been trying to do, but so far there’s no result. I wish….

    2. Would you include us in your prayers? That we get to experience the magic of parenthood as you have. 🙂

    3. hi leah!

      all those 5 work for me also. 🙂 i also eat a lot.. i think making up for being tired.

      do you experience back pain also? that’s my always complaint.

      laki na ni erin. 5 months na pala sya? bilis noh?

    4. JULIANA & VIA: I’m including you both in my prayers. *sprinkling baby dust on you* 🙂

      ERA: long time no hear. i think malaking factor talaga ang pagod and puyat. i also experience back pain. wala kasi kaming change table. 😛

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