Yes, out of all the people in the entire world, we had to be the chosen one. Allow me to be more specific. Last Wednesday evening, J brought home some bad news. Part of our car’s window (that small triangular piece) in the backseat on the right side was broken. It looked like someone intentionally smashed it, with the objective of stealing something within or probably the car itself. J didn’t notice it until he was at the petrol station where it’s well lighted.

We think that the perpetrator/s could have been drug addicts, out to steal whatever they can so that they can afford to get their regular fix of drugs. Or they could have maliciously done it for no apparent reason, maybe just for the fun of it. In other words, napag-tripan lang yung kotse namin. Our car was parked outdoors (therefore no security cams, etc) at that time so there is no way for us to catch the bad guys.

And since it is something that we just can’t ignore, J had to take the car this morning to have the window repaired.  *sigh* There goes 120 bucks down the drain. 😦


3 Responses to “Victimized!”

  1. Hate it when things like that happen. Look on the bright side, at least they didn’t steal the whole car 🙂

  2. nakaka-inis no?!

    sa’min naman my car was park at the airport and we were picking up my mom from the phil. and when we got back the passanger’s door was keyed… grrr! ending we just let it be, kasi $350 if we will have it fix 😦

  3. it happens everywhere. just bear and grin. something we can’t control. at least they didn’t steal the car.

    have a happy weekend!

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