Just one of those days/nights

I’m tired. As in, dead tired. If you have been reading my previous posts, you’ll know why. Being a new mom to a young little baby does not actually mean I’m all blissed out by it. Since not all babies are the same (as with us adults), not all families get to sleep peacefully at night. And we are one them.

It’s been almost five months now since I’ve had a decent sleep. By this I mean at least 8 hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. I’ve learned to be more awake instead because of Erin’s erratic sleep pattern. During those rare instances when she does sleep well, I find myself wide awake, my entire body tense with absolutely random thoughts racing in my head. Maybe I am too tired to even sleep!

I have to give credit to J though. J can be quite a lifesaver when we’re having another sleepless night episode. He takes charge of Erin and orders me to get some rest. He has gone from the clueless father who can barely hold her daughter because he is afraid he’ll squish her tiny body to the daddy that can actually settle his kid and even get her to sleep when I can’t. Yes, we are the ultimate tag team! 🙂

Anyway, I digress. Last Saturday night was one the worst because Erin was having trouble sleeping. Being puyat from Friday’s “bout” (and from other nights), I just broke into tears in the midst of it all. J came in and took charge. It was 1:30 AM when I slept and woke up at around 5:30. I got up and saw Erin fast asleep on J’s lap, while he was surfing the net to keep himself awake. He told me that he could still take care of Erin until 7AM just so I could rest. Awww… 🙂 I took Erin from him and went to bed and just allowed him to sleep until noon.

Thank God for wonderful and thoughtful husbands! I cannot imagine new mothers who do not have support systems in times like these. No wonder postnatal depression is so common here as most parents in first world countries like here are on their own.


Speaking of husbands, happy anniversary Beh! It’s been an awesome three years*. 🙂 Three years pa lang pala. It feels like decades already.

* since we first got together.


2 Responses to “Just one of those days/nights”

  1. Hi Leah! I can sooo relate to you! 😦

  2. Take it easy my dear! good job for J! 🙂

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