Random blurbs

Oh boy, it’s the last month before the “-ber” months start to kick in. I can hardly believe winter is already over in another four weeks, which, by the way, is getting to be more obvious because of the less cooler temps these past few days. In no time, I can say goodbye to my fleece and wool outfits (and hopefully to Erin’s eczema as well!) and welcome good old cotton back into the wardrobe. It’s no secret the cold has not been a good friend to the family so I am just giddy at the thought of Spring in the not so distant future. 🙂


With Erin getting bigger by the day, she is quickly turning into a Daddy’s girl with all her cute antics. J is so smitten with the little girl (not that he wasn’t before. it’s more pronounced now!) that he vehemently expressed that he cannot go on without her for three months. You see, we have been slowly planning our loooong holiday next year after Erin turns one. The original plan was to go home to the Philippines in April 2008, with J staying for two months while Erin and I stay back until the end of August. Now, we have both decided (yes, after a bit of compromising because I really would have wanted a longer break) to just start our holiday by the end of May (in time for Erin’s cousin Pablo’s 1st birthday), with J going back in July and Erin and me by the end of August. As of this writing, all is still in the planning stage (i.e., no booked flights yet so no specific dates to speak of) but one thing I know for sure is that we are definitely going home for a much needed vacation. I can hardly wait! 🙂


2 Responses to “Random blurbs”

  1. surfergirl Says:

    hi leah! inggit ako ang haba ng vacation nyo sa pinas next year!! anyway, i’ve something for you in my latest blog post 🙂

  2. Hi lam! can’t wait to see you and your family! 🙂

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