Getting there…

Erin’s getting big fast and J and I decided that it was high time that we take her out for pasyal. You see, since she was born, we only take her out of the house only if it’s necessary (e.g. check-ups, her baptism, family dinners). For one thing, I don’t like exposing her to the freezing temperature outside. One other reason is that, she hates sitting in her car seat for long periods of time. She’d really cry the entire trip no matter what you do.

Last weekend was her debut. We were invited by our friends in Belconnen for merienda. Initially, J and I were hesitant about it and even told our friends that we weren’t sure if we could make it. It takes us 30 minutes to get to Belconnen and that’s on a traffic-free day, mind you. But inspite of it, we went anyway. Would you believe the little girl did NOT cry on our way there? She even slept during the last fifteen minutes of the trip. Thanks to my non-stop singing and use of toys. 😀 We stayed at our friend’s house for two hours and made our way back home as the sun slipped below the horizon. Unfortunately, she was too tired by then so she cried all the way home. As in, the entire thirty minutes! When we got home, we gave her a warm bath. After which, she was off to dreamland in minutes.

Today, we decided to take her to Woden for some malling naman. Compared to Belconnen, Woden is nearer to our place by ten to fifteen minutes. We were only out for two and a half hours but she only cried 20% of the time! We were even able to do some shopping. How’s that for improvement? 😀 I think it’s due to the fact that we can entertain her now verbally and with the use of toys. Ergo, big girl na talaga siya! J and I are just over the moon! 😀

Now, I’m thinking of where to take her next weekend. Any suggestions? Let’s just pray the weather then will be as fine as it was today.


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