Darn it!

Erin was about to take her first dose of the rotavirus vaccine when J noticed the super tiny sticker on the box.

Refrigerate. Do not freeze!

Oh dear… the vaccine had already spent a week in the freezer and it was only now that we discovered that it wasn’t supposed to be stored there. I texted my good friend Lam who’s a chemist by profession and she said that it is not safe to administer the vaccine anymore because the vial may have cracked and the vaccine might be contaminated already. *sigh* That’s one hundred bucks down the drain. 😦

So who’s fault was it? The chemist who did not have the time to explain to us these precautions; the manufacturer who can’t even place a big sticker in bright colors so we could see the note; or ‘careless’ us? Oh well, it’s pointless and too late to argue now. But really, everyone involved has got a lesson to learn here.

Now we have to go back to our GP to get another prescription for the vaccine and buy a new dose. Erin needs to be vaccinated by the time she is fourteen weeks old.

Hay… Asar pa rin ako! 😦


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