Down and Out

Our family greeted the first day of the winter season with all of us down with the cold. Hay, pati ako nahawa na. 😦 But we went to see the GP this afternoon and according to her, out of the three of us, only Erin will be getting better sooner than expected. That’s because she is breastfeeding from me. All those antibodies will help her recover fast. I, on the other hand, may take more time to heal because I’m not allowed to take any medications since I am breastfeeding Erin. J has been absent from work since yesterday and the doctor said he might not be able to go back until Thursday next week.


On the brighter side of things, my sister-in-law R gave birth to baby Pablo last night via caesarean section. Unfortunately, she had to go under the knife because she has been in active labor since 1 AM yesterday. It turns out Pablo wasn’t in the optimal fetal position. That’s why R had difficulty in delivering the bub normally.

According to my brother-in-law E, Pablo looks like him. Can’t wait to see photos of our new nephew. Wow, that’s two bubs in one year! Their Lolo and Lola must be thrilled with the new additions to the family. I know we are. 😀


4 Responses to “Down and Out”

  1. uso talaga ngayon ang cold leah due to the weather. di pa gaanong malamig dito sa amin. (hindi naman daw talaga lumalamig dito ng gaano. naninibago lang ako. :D) i think, it was just thurs last week that we had the heater on. hope you’ll all get better soon!

    have a happy sunday!

  2. I usually take mega doses of Vitamin C and zinc when I’m sick and I always feel better a few days afterwards. But, don’t know if that’s okay if you’re breastfeeding.

  3. breastfeeding definitely has advantages!! i’m glad you didn’t give up!

    congrats on erin’s christening! naunahan nya pa si caitlyn! 🙂

  4. i hope you guys feel better soon.

    I’m breastfeeding too and i take vitamin C (Fern C is the brand) to boost the immune system. You may ask your pedia or OB for recommendations. 🙂

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