Erin’s Baptism and more…

Last Saturday’s mass turned out to be quite nerve-wracking for all of us because we had to bring Erin along with us as she was going to be presented to the parishioners and welcomed into the Catholic community. It was a very cold night and we were afraid that Erin might feel uncomfortable and end up crying the whole time in church. Good thing her aunt J was there to help us make her go to sleep while the presentation was going on.

It was a full house at the Holy Family Church at Gowrie because some kids were also having their first communion that night. Good thing we were able to get some seats. And since the church was fully packed, there were lots of people who came to bless Erin as she was being presented. As in, pila talaga! 😀


Erin officially became a Catholic last Sunday, the 27th of May. She was exactly ten weeks old. There were three other kids who were also scheduled to be baptised that day. And out of all of them, Erin was the loudest! Hay naku, of all the time in the world, this little baby decided to make her baptism a crying session from start to finish. I’m sure everybody will remember her for this. hehehe… 😀

At the reception venue, it was like playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ as Erin hopped from one set of arms to another. This time she was not crying anymore. Apparently, she was enjoying herself, being entertained by all the different faces that greeted her. She’s always like this whenever we attend a party. Hmm.. something tells me she might be a party-goer when she grows up. 😀

As with every Filipino party, food was overflowing! We couldn’t have done it without the help of Mama, Ate J, Ninang E and some of our very good family friends. The yummy and beautiful two-layer cake by C was also a wonderful delight. C also did the cake for my baby shower last March.

Fellow blogger and Canberran Jean was also there with her other half. It was good to finally meet her in person after emailing & blog-commenting for a year or so. 🙂


My mom left yesterday for Sydney. She’s going back to the Philippines on the 31st. It’s just the three of us from now on. Oh boy, what a challenge! Let’s hope all will go smoothly and I won’t have to resort to QE. Am still thinking of canceling our appointment for several reasons. But let’s not get into that. 😛


Poor Erin developed a cold today. It must be due to the weather here. Also, she’s been out of the house for three consecutive days. Her exposure to the freezing temperature must definitely be the culprit.

She’s been sneezing every so often and sometimes her nose get so stuffy she can hardly breathe. And because of this, she can only sleep for short periods. Nakakaawa talaga! 😦 I hope she gets better soon.


5 Responses to “Erin’s Baptism and more…”

  1. Welcome to the Christian world! 🙂

    I hope she gets well really soon (so baby and Mommy can get better sleep too).

  2. surfergirl Says:

    thanks for inviting us again 🙂 oh no i hope erin gets well soon. ang lamig naman na kasi…grrr…or should i say BRR!

  3. That cake looks fantastic!! MUkhang handaan grande talaga ah.

  4. Wow! ang daming food.

    Btw, welcome to the Christian world Erin.

  5. Congratulations, Erin! 🙂

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