The Abandoned

swiped from; credit: Craig BorrowIt fills me with disgust whenever I hear news about abandoned babies. The latest of these is the abandonment of Baby Catherine, who was left in a cardboard fruit box outside Dandenong Hospital on Mother’s Day (of all days!). The poor infant was found blue and was suffering from hypothermia.

Speaking of abandonment, my mom recalled an incident in Manila and told us that Baby Catherine was better off than this other baby. It turns out the infant was found in a toilet bowl in the comfort room of a major fast food chain. Apparently, the parent wanted to desperately get rid of the child, he/she was hoping the baby would be flushed down the dirty toilet. Buti na lang, the baby survived after being rushed immediately to a nearby hospital.

When I was still single, I have always been pro-life and am very against abortion and abandonment. Now that I am a mother myself, I feel more strongly about it. For the life of me, I cannot imagine leaving your newborn child out in the cold, knowing full well that he/she might die if nobody cared to pick him/her up. Wala man lang kalaban-laban yung bata! If they can’t handle the responsibility, there’s always adoption. For me, it is the lesser evil. At least this way, the child will get proper care, even if it is given by mere strangers.


6 Responses to “The Abandoned”

  1. I read a news item recently about a Japanese initiative to have drop-in centres for unwanted babies. They’re attached to a hospital so mothers can leave their babies somewhere safe and still remain anonymous.

    Unlike you, I’m pro-choice to some degree, and I think part of the abandonment problem is that women are forced to carry babies they don’t actually want. As for abandonment, I do feel sorry for the babies, but I also feel for the mothers who feel like they have no other choice. Especially in the Philippines where contraception is almost universally UNavailable to poorer women. Imagine if, for example, you were raped or molested by a family member. But I do think that flushing a baby down a toilet is drastic–there are lots of churches and orphanages there to leave the baby with.

    Having said all that, the mother in me does wonder how anyone can leave a defenceless baby to fend for itself. I’m glad Baby Catherine is being cared for now.

    BTW, I like your new template! 🙂

  2. KAT: This post of mine reminds me of J. Irving’s book ‘The Cider House Rules.’ Women who went to the orphanage to either have their unwanted baby aborted or to complete the pregnancy and leave their kids after they are born. Contraception is cool with me, especially if you’re not ready to raise a child. But killing or leaving one’s baby to fend for itself is the worst! 😦

  3. The baby shouldn’t suffer because of the mother’s choices…nuff said

  4. surfergirl Says:

    yeah this has been in the news all over and i don’t like how they keep on waiting for the mom..and even some pleading for her to come claim the baby when so many other families are willing to adopt the baby. i mean, clearly the mother does not want the kid so why still wait for her to come forward? and even if she does claim the baby, she may not take care or love her fully. she does not deserve a lovely looking baby like this.

  5. i completely agree! i myself don’t understand why some people actually do that. it’s worse than abortion come to think of it. but no matter how sad it is, that is a fact of life.

  6. Sam de Brito at the SMH blogs raises a really good question: why are we assuming the mother left the baby outside the hospital? Why not the father or another relative?

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