What a godsend this contraption is! Whoever invented it is a genius! My mom left for a short trip to Melbourne early this morning, leaving Erin and me alone at home for the entire day. I thought I was going to have my hands full for as long as mom’s not around (meaning: can’t do much anything else but tend to Erin). But today really just surprised me! I did a little experiment and used the bouncer as an aid. As soon as Erin drifted to sleep, I gently placed her on the bouncer, making sure the vibration modewas turned on. Lo and behold, she slept on that thing for at least an hour and I am dumbfoundedly left with empty hands! 😀 I was able to wash and hang her clothes on the line outside, tidy the house a bit, prepare her bath, set the table for dinner, eat, wash a few dirty dishes and obviously, blog (with both hands free). I am seriously considering of getting the toddler rocker for future use. 🙂

I guess she really has grown up. She’s not anymore the fussy little newborn we once knew. There was once a time (maybe a few weeks ago) that I thought this day would never come. But, come it did! Poor Erin! I underestimated the little bub. *sigh* All’s well that ends well. Maybe we won’t need to stay at QE anymore. 😀 *still crossing my fingers*


9 Responses to “Milestone!”

  1. hey leah.
    i was just looking at the exact same thing
    yesterday! and i wanted the toddler rocker too. gil
    said look for reviews and i saw your blog. cool.
    at least i know it really works for some babies.
    i hope it works for raine too (her full name btw
    is erynne isobel–two erins/erynnes!).

  2. Woohoo! These discoveries are a godsend, aren’t they?

    I underestimated the little bub.
    I think you underestimated yourself–you’re doing a great job! (One of my motherhood mottos is to accept credit for every brilliant thing my child does. Hehe…)

    I would say, though, that if you don’t have to pay for QE, then go. Seriously, it’s a great resource and nothing to feel bad about going to. Also, if your mum is leaving before the QE appointment, I’d recommend keeping the booking because the baby’s habits might well change as a result.

  3. Gah. Sorry, I didn’t close the tag properly.

  4. WOW! that bouncer looks cool and erin looks very comfy and content on it 🙂
    congrats not only to erin but to her mom as well for this milestone! 🙂

  5. iamjacq Says:

    Hi Leah. We have an infant to toddler rocker for Iyah and I let her sit on it when we’re in the living room. Ours is this model here:

  6. A baby bouncer is definitely in my shopping list. Happy Mother’s Day, I’m a little late in the greeting though 🙂

  7. That is so cool! When my cousin was still a wee one, he’d love bouncing on that. It looks sooo comfy!

  8. how cute can my niece get! missyou sis!

  9. getting your wish after all. 🙂 take it easy!

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