Breastfeeding Incentive

This is just what I needed. It arrived in my inbox at a time when breastfeeding Erin was becoming such a frustration. If you need an extra incentive to breastfeed your bub, then read on.

Breastfeeding may protect against breast cancer
By Deena Beasley

Breastfeeding may offer broad protection against breast cancer that extends to women who delay having children, according to a study released on Monday.

Previous studies have shown that giving birth before age 25 and having many children protects against certain types of breast cancers, while delayed childbirth is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

The most important finding of the new study is that breastfeeding seems to lower the risk of developing breast cancer that comes from having children later in life, said Dr. Giske Ursin, associate professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California medical school and the study’s lead author.

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One Response to “Breastfeeding Incentive”

  1. iamjacq Says:

    Well this is good news since I’m giving Iyah BF exclusively for about six and ah half months now and I had her before I turned 25 🙂

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