Wishful Thinking

I wish…

… I could get at least a week’s worth of uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is a precious thing these days. It’s a luxury!

… I had more time on my hands so that I can do more of my favorite things: malling, shopping, getting a decent haircut, surfing the net, spending quality time with J alone, seeing a movie at the cinema, etc. The list goes on.

… my mom did not have to go back to Manila so soon. (She’s flying back by end of May.) She’s been a big help to all of us in sooo many ways.

… my milk supply was endless. We’ve managed to lower Erin’s formula intake to 2 bottles of 50mL of formula per day. Thank God! This is usually given to her at night-time (around midnight) because I can’t give her enough of mine. How do I know? She’s still crying even after a long feeding session with me. At this point, I’m not really quite sure if we can get rid of the formula. The bigger she gets (she’s 3.66 kilos already as of 24/04/07), the larger the demand for food (milk) it is. Let’s hope I can cope up with that fast.

… I had more patience and energy to keep up with Erin. She has her moods and on bad days, it can really get terribly frustrating. 😦

I know it’s a lot to ask. I never realised that the sacrifices would be of this magnitude. But when I take a glimpse of the little bub in the next room, I think it’s all worth it. I just try to psyche myself into thinking, “This too shall pass!


4 Responses to “Wishful Thinking”

  1. iamjacq Says:

    Hi Leah! I just uploaded a pic of Iyah standing up 🙂 It is good that you lowered EC’s formula intake. I never really breasfeed her directly, I used a pump since she was a few days old.

  2. hi leah! i just saw your new site from liv’s when you commented. wow you’ve a baby na pala! i’m expecting na rin hehehe. take care always!

  3. naku, reading your post makes me scared. 😀

    indeed! that too shall pass like all other else!

    you can make up for the “lost time” when Erin is on her feet already. or you’ll have other wishes by then. hehehe!

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself about the formula. Sometimes things just work out that way.

    Have you tried pumping? When I pumped (I used the hospital-grade pump then the Medela mini-electric at home), I found myself so overwhelmed with supply that I got scared and stopped (I literally felt like my boobs would explode).

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