Stormy Weather

It’s been raining these past few days here in Canberra. Quite rare really in this part of the world because drought has been a major concern for Australians for quite some time now. They say that the El Niño phenomenon is now over and that La Niña has taken its place.

Earlier this afternoon, we had another thunderstorm and this time, I had the awesome opportunity to witness hale coming down from the heavens. Buti na lang I was not out of the house and was just having my lunch indoors. Take a look-see! I took a photo of some that fell on our pergola. They’re actually small bits of ice, more like the size of pebbles.

Those tiny dots on the ground are also hale, by the way. (Click to enlarge)

This isn’t necessarily good news for us though. They say it’s going to be a colder winter this year. You see, winter’s not really my favorite time of the year. I hate the cold!


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