False Alarm

There have been changes lately in my pregnancy. It all started last Saturday night when J and I were having one of our late night conversations in bed. I had around 4-5 Braxton Hicks contractions at 10-15 minute intervals. It was a major change for me because I only had the BHC’s once or twice a night prior to Saturday. Now the episodes are more frequent and happen also during the day but are still at 10-15 minutes apart.

That’s not the only thing new these days. Yesterday after lunch and doing my thing in the toilet, I may have had my first “bloody show” (or mucous plug as they call it). I noticed my discharge had a pinkish tinge and the amount of discharge seemed quite a lot. Eeek!  I told J about it and he advised me to call the Delivery Suite immediately. I was quite hesitant to call the hospital because I was afraid to find out and confirm if it really was a sign of early labor. After some time, I was able to muster the courage to ring up the DS at the Canberra Hospital. A friendly midwife named Debbie patiently listened as I told her the entire story. She asked me a few questions as well (e.g., if it is my first baby, if baby is still active and if any amniotic fluid was leaking). She concluded that what happened was perfectly normal and she asked me to just wear a pad in case any amniotic fluid leaked. If there is any leakage, then that’s the time I should call back the delivery suite.

Phew! What a relief! That really gave us quite a scare!   Nevertheless, this prompted me to pack my bag just in case the time came for us to rush to the hospital. It is a bit too early though for me to give birth at this point so i’m trying to take it easy now and cut back on any strenuous activity. I need at least two to three more weeks to keep this baby in. I definitely don’t want to go into premature labor at this time! We’re crossing our fingers (and toes) once again.


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