Yes, that’s me. I’ve turned into one ever since I entered my 32nd week of pregnancy.  Obviously, the road ahead is not getting any easier. Why, you ask? Well, let me give you a run down of the reasons.

  • Baby is getting bigger and therefore, heavier by the day. It is now difficult for me to move about, especially in bed. J now has to offer his hand for me to be able to rise up from a supine position or he has to give me a little push and shove to allow me to roll over to one side. So finding the best and most comfortable position can be such a challenge.
  • The summer heat at night can be terrible so I get all sweaty and have to constantly dust myself with baby powder to cool my poor body. And because it’s summer time here, all these pesky insects are up and about. My tactile defensiveness is just another deterrent for me to get those precious zzz’s.
  • D Day (or delivery day) is fast approaching and I get really anxious at times whenever I think about it. All those things they taught us at the antenatal classes about labour and delivery can sometimes get to you and work your mind into knots. At night, my mind is filled with unnecessary worries and dreams.
  • Oh and did I mention about peeing? Geez, of late, I get up now to at least 2 to 3 times in the wee hours of the morning just to relieve myself.

Okay, enough said. I guess I just needed to rant a little bit. It is at this point that sometimes I do wish I can just get over being pregnant. Can’t wait to see the little bub really. But that, in itself, would entail a totally different kind of challenge. At least by then, both J and I can share in the responsibilities.


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