eBay Mania

Who hasn’t been sucked into the glorious world of eBay? I really thought we wouldn’t but after some time of contemplating, we finally gave in! Here’s our very first online purchase…

I have been wooing J to get us a rocking chair because I know it’ll be of great use when the baby comes in March. Although it’s second hand,  this was really in good condition. It was on auction and bidding for it was very exciting. We even set the alarm to go off just before the end time for bidding elapsed so that we were sure to win the item. The owner is also from Canberra so we just drove to their house to pick the chair up.

Now we’re thinking of selling some items on eBay. Actually, I already put up one item for sale this week and we’re seeing how that goes with the present market. You never really know who’s out there to buy your stuff unless you try it for yourself. So… wish us luck, okay? 🙂


One Response to “eBay Mania”

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