Wishing, hoping and praying…

Last night, J and I attended the first of a series of antenatal classes entitled Pregnancy to Parenting. It was held at The Canberra Hospital at the Postnatal Lounge in the Maternity Building of the said institution. Even if the hospital was public, I noticed how well maintained it was and how it was similar to most of the private hospitals in the Philippines. And if you do give birth there, you won’t have to pay a single cent and still get the privilege to use these well-kept facilities.

There were lots of expecting parents who also attended the class, most of which were also first-time parents as well and had almost the same due date as ours so we were basically all in the same boat together. The midwife assigned to teach us that night was Janet. She was a tall woman and clearly was of Scottish descent, based on her accent. Last night’s topic was on labour and birth, which Janet discussed with much gusto. We also viewed a video on how some women go through labor and the birth of their child. It was not at all boring and the group obviously enjoyed her take on the subject.

There are 4 remaining sessions of the class, one of which will be held at the Physiotherapy department where they will be teaching the expectant moms different exercises (e.g. for the pelvic floor, etc). I wish there were similar classes like these in the Philippines. They really tell you the facts and immediately dismiss all old wives’ tales related to pregnancy and child care. And the best part is it’s for free!

J told me last night how more excited he was at the birth of our baby. I, on the other hand, though also excited to see our child, have all these fears and apprehensions. Mostly, it’s more on the labour and birthing process. All that pain which the midwife discussed must be truly excruciating for those who get to deliver their babies normally. And yet, the gruesome details of that experience may only remain a distant memory to some, especially after their babies are handed over to them once they come out into the world. At this point, I cannot help but worry. I think it is most natural for all first time moms. But it helps to know that J has been quite supportive in all of this and because of that, I have no doubt in my mind that in the end all will be fine and our baby will soon be in our arms in no time.


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