We’re back!

It’s good to be back!

We spent a total of five weeks in Manila, but everything went by so swiftly that we didn’t notice it was that long of a holiday really. As it was spent over the Christmas season, it was a good time for us to be with our families and to meet up with good old friends as well. And the food! Ah yes, it was overflowing as usual. I had to control myself a little bit because of our little bub inside me. That was just a very difficult task especially for me because J and I have been longing for this kind of nourishment for the past few months.

The trip back to Sydney was quite uncomfortable because my belly has grown larger and sitting in the plane for almost eight hours just made my butt (and the rest of my body as well) terribly sore. In short, we spent our overnight stay in Sydney sleeping in the hotel. Besides, I couldn’t walk around for long periods because of my heavy tummy and my feet were swelling up as the day progressed.

Now that we are back in Canberra, we are slowly getting into our old groove back. Although we’re still a bit hung over from that lovely trip back home, we have more important things now to look forward to — our baby’s arrival! J and I are making checklists now as to what things/documentations to prepare for our baby’s coming. The list is quite long, I tell you, so it’s best to start as early as now to get them done.

Oh and since our little family is growing, we finally upgraded our double bed to a queen size. We got a pretty good deal from Freedom and we’re expecting them to deliver it this Friday. Can’t wait! 😀


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