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Blog Hiatus

Posted in Travel on 3 December 2006 by Leah

In a couple of hours from now, J and I will embark on our trip to Manila. First stop, of course, is Sydney. We’ll be taking the bus that’ll take us from Canberra to Sydney and will be staying there overnight to get some rest. Tomorrow, we’re off to Manila. Woohoo!!! 

As a result, this blog will be on hiatus for the entire time we will be on holidays. I can still try though to post a thing or two (whether here or in other bloggers’ sites) during this time but I’m not promising anything. We’ll be back in Canberra after the New Year. And so, as early as now, we’d like to greet everyone an advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you guys will enjoy the holiday season as much as we sure will.