Summer Heat

With November drawing to a close soon, we are starting to definitely feel the heat here in Oz. Summertime is no doubt here already!

I never imagined I’d ever really get a chance to wear my tank tops and shorts again. These days, I’ve shelved in my PJs and long-sleeved tees in the closet.

The heat here is nothing like back home. In the Philippines, it can get very hot but at the same time humid. Over here, the heat is so dry that you don’t break a sweat even if it’s in the mid-30’s. It’s like being placed in an oven. And the sun really hurts your skin. You’d really need to wear sunblock to protect yourself.

Oh and one more thing, the flies!!! Yes, it’s fly season here and they’re really terrible because they stick on you like crazy and go for the moist parts of your face. They come in ‘bangaw’ sizes as well! What a nuisance! I guess there goes any plans for having any picnics outdoors.

ADSL Update:
We’re finally back online! Yehey! J came home early today after donating his blood at Red Cross and called up our ISP to follow up on our ADSL connection. A little adjustment in their system here and there, and we now have faster (and better!) access to the net. At least, that’s all settled now. Back to surfing… 

Idol Update:
And the winner is…

It must have been a close fight between Jessica and Damien last night but I think it was Damien’s maturity and versatility that saw him through the end.


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