Odds and Ends

Remember Baby G? Well, here she is now at three months of age.

Ain’t she the cutest? It looks like I’m going to miss out on a lot in seeing her grow up. She might not even remember when we get the chance to go home for a vacation.

Oh well, other things await me here. Can’t wait to have our own little angel soon. I’m sure I won’t be pining for Baby G by then anymore. We’re still crossing our fingers!

Last week marked my second month here in Oz. It also marked a few “firsts” as well.

For starters, J has finally allowed me to drive the car. Yes, I was so happy he finally let me take the wheel. But before you go and ask which places I’ve been to, think again. I have only been allowed to park and take out the car from our garage and drive it around the cul-de-sac at the end of our short street. That is about it.

I have yet to gather enough guts to take the car for a real drive around the area. Apart from observing proper traffic rules, I need to concentrate as well on gear shifting as our car is not automatic. I do drive a manual back home, but it’s the right-hand orientation that challenges me.

My three months are almost up and by then, I’d need to take the exam so that I can secure an Australian license. But before that time comes, I hope I have mustered up the courage to drive independently so I can pass the exams with flying colors.

Oh, and I applied for a job for the very first time too. I figured since there were so many opportunities for people in health care, I might as well start finding one. I’m taking this in a happy-go-lucky kinda way as there really is no need for me to rush.

If there is a job offer soon, I’d happily take it. If the right job has not come along yet, I’ll just wait until the right time has come. Besides, I only intend to work part-time so that I can still have time to manage the house and I don’t overly stress myself (fertility-wise).

Que sera sera.


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