Little Discoveries

Hearing mass in Oz would turn out to be one of the most pleasant discoveries I’ve had while living in this foreign land. Since we are residents of the southern suburb of Banks, we technically belong to the parish of South Tuggeranong, where mass is regularly held at the Holy Family Parish in Gowrie every Saturdays and Sundays. The Holy Family Parish is a small church but has glass windows and steel structures to modernize its look. Its circular layout reminds me a little of our parish in the village where I grew up in Paranaque.

The mass was basically the same, save for a few different versions of the songs that the choir sang, so I was not able to sing along. The choir, by the way, was composed of all Filipinos. That did not came as a surprise to me. They were the same group that welcomed me during the last get-together that we had. What caught my attention, though, was that the church was filled to the brim as the mass was about to start. And most of the attendees were Caucasians. I never realized that there were so many Catholics in Oz.

During the middle of the celebration, the priest asked all parents of children who were going to be baptized soon to come forward and bring their babies with them. Godparents were also requested to come to the front. This was a presentation of the ‘new’ Catholics to the parish and was a way of the community to welcome them. Little kids who were to receive their first Holy Communion soon were also presented to the community. I thought this was really nice as I have never witnessed such in my entire Catholic life back in the Philippines.

The house is up for inspection on the 30th of this month and J and I are in a frenzy to get it all cleaned up. What proved to be the most challenging task for us was gardening. Apparently, the previous tenant did not seem to care about it and everything was dried and withered when J moved in. Not to mention the overgrown bushes!  The Trash Pak was filled in no time with twigs, branches and leaves from our garden.

Gardening, I realize, can be quite therapeutic. All that trimming and pruning is fast becoming one of my favorite tasks. hehe.. I hate cleaning up the mess I leave behind though. I’m glad J is there to help pick up all the trimmings.

So many stuff to do. So little time! That was a back-breaking weekend and we have yet to finish our cleaning. Poor J didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I had to make him perform all these back stretching exercises to rid him of the pain.

I’ll be glad when this is over. Not that we don’t regularly clean our house ha  Next house inspection will be in September.


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