The Party That Was

The party yesterday was a blast!  Food was overflowing. Almost everyone we invited came. And we got gifts for our home.

gifts from our guests

It was my first time to cook, prepare and contribute something (just my regular tuna pasta and Pinoy fruit salad) for a really big crowd with no one else to help me at home. J was busy running errands of sorts while I was left to fend for myself in the kitchen. It was bad enough that I had to do everything myself. But with all the aromas going around, I ended up with an attack of rhinitis. I was practically sneezing the whole time I was cooking. Not in the food, of course. LOL.

This is not the last of the parties here. That’s for sure. Buti na lang potluck ang style so work is distributed in the group. But I hope I don’t get the allergies again and I can whip up something new and yummy. Ah yes, I am now domesticated.

We did a little shopping today at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome and stopped by Target to check out some items. Take a look at our recent grabs which were on sale this week at half the price! They were quite a steal.

I think we might be going back to buy more of those towels. It’s such a good deal for a pack which includes two bath towels, a hand towel and a face towel. Also, since autumn in Canberra is underway and winter is coming in the next few months, we decided to buy our first electric blanket to keep us warm on those cold nights.


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