From the Land Down Under…

Finally, I have found the time to post. I know I’ve been offline for almost a week and probably you guys are wondering what has happened to me. Not to worry as i am very much alright and pretty happy now that I am with J.

I arrived in Sydney last march 8. it was quite a bumpy ride, but I didn’t get any motion sickness. My agent back in the Philippines checked me in beforehand and got me a good seat — one that’s near the toilet! hehe… Qantas served us two full meals and the food was great. I didn’t get much sleep though. I guess all that excitement and anxiousness kept me from dozing off.

When we landed in Sydney, there were lots of foreigners who also arrived at the same time as our trip. To my disappointment, the immigration department was packed with Europeans. Halos mahimatay ako sa amoy!  LOL! It’s a good thing it took me only 10-15 minutes to get them to put a stamp on my passport. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have had a really terrible sneezing fit. hehe…

At the customs area, I really had nothing to declare. But since I had some valuables and gifts from our wedding with me, I didn’t want to take the risk so I queued up at the ‘something to declare’ area. The lady just asked me what I wanted to declare and I told her the details. She then asked me to bring my luggages to the x-ray machine. I thought they were going to go through my stuff (which, by the way, i was afraid of because I had so carefully packed my clothes), but to my surprise, the guy there just placed my bags back on the cart after going through the x-ray machine and told me that I was free to go. Phew!  When I came out, J was already there with his videocam. Kala mo artista! LOL!

We checked in at the Medina, near the central station. The two days were spent sightseeing. We were able to visit Darling Harbour, The Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Manly Beach, Sydney Tower, Chinatown and downtown Sydney. View more pictures here.

As of this writing, am now in Canberra, still trying to settle in. I have yet to get my clothes out of my luggages and put them in the closet. the weekend was pretty busy since we arrived. we had to get my medicare number and open a bank account for me. the welcome parties are killers! mukhang tataba ako dito. LOL! the filipino community here is very big and close-knit so, it isn’t that lonely here.

This is getting long. I better head off to the shower now. Ate Emma of the Filipino store here is picking me up in an hour to show me around and probably watch a movie.


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